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Pinnacle beer yeast ingredients have an origin in the craft traditions of the wine and whisky industries and have been used  by world leading whisky producers and leading wine makers for over 25 years.

Our Pinnacle craft brewing yeast range has been specifically chosen from our 2000+ yeast strain bank by our yeast and brewing experts to provide craft brewers the specific flavour, purity, viability and vitality to make their chosen wort convert to their chosen beer style.

The Pinnacle range recognises the unique needs of brewers where the consistency of flavour from each fermentation is key to customer satisfaction and continued enjoyment. Our yeasts have been tested by brewers to provide consistent fermentation at the planned speed, attenuation, ABV formation and flavour profile required. 

The experience and knowledge of AB Biotek which has created the Pinnacle range has been gathered over 150 years of operations in fermentation and ingredients technologies and provide flavour and  process solutions to our customers operating in markets where the traditions of craftsmanship and heritage are understood and valued.

Brewers Yeast and Ingredients

Pinnacle brewing ingredients encompass active dry brewing yeasts selected for optimal performance for the selected beer style and ease of application. Additionally Pinnacle offers technology solutions for fermentation improvement.

Premium Yeast for Craft Brewing

The Pinnacle Heritage Yeast range is a new premium standard of solutions for craft brewers who produce Pilsner, English Ale and American Ale beer styles, three of the most popular with consumers. The yeast strains selected are focused on enabling brewers to achieve a specific ‘true to type’ flavour and consistent quality.

Ingredients for Craft Brewing

The Pinnacle range goes beyond yeast to encompass products which can assist craft brewers in resolving issues specific to their needs and which ultimately assist brewers in optimising their processes, improving quality, flavour and yield. 

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