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About Us

The origins of AB Biotek’s yeast and associated fermentation technologies for beer can be found within the traditions of whisky production in Scotland and Ireland and leading wine producers worldwide. For over 25 years our products have been preferred by world-leading craftsmen to produce some of the most iconic whisky brands and award-winning wines.

The craft revolution in the brewing industry driven by independently-minded brewers has created the demand for more tailored yeast and fermentation solutions. AB Biotek has created a new portfolio of yeasts and yeast-based fermentation improvers specifically for craft brewers.


The beer market has never been so dynamic and it is a time when industry traditions of craftsmanship and heritage are returning. With consumers demanding new and novel taste experiences, both large and small producers require faster new product development and increased levels of efficiency and consistency to compete and grow. These changes are challenges for all brewers whether they are within craft or speciality segments both for their processes and their consumer offering.

Our fermentation and yeast technology experts have combined with world-leading brewing institutes to build a new portfolio of yeast solutions for craft brewers. We have investigated and selected from our own bank of over 2000 yeast strains those that are more suited to providing craft brewers with more attractive flavour and yield solutions.

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